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Benchmark Survey by Dusty Smith

Benchmark Survey software is COGO, plain and simple.

A Windows-based non-CAD-centric COGO application that is cost-effective, reliable, and compatible.

Benchmark Survey for WindowsBenchmark Survey software provides precise, automated calculations, streamlined analysis of survey field data, improved efficiency, and a rich set of layout design routines. It simplifies tasks like traverse closure trials and adjustments and field layout work, saving time and reducing errors. Benchmark Survey’s COGO features empower survey professionals to work more effectively, improving both productivity and calculation accuracy.

Benchmark Survey occupies a unique space as a non-cad-centric COGO application. It is still used regularly by many land surveyors who need a simple, reliable, compatible, and low-cost application on their desktops. 

Benchmark Survey for Windows 2Based on our conversations with long-time customers, CAD-based COGO applications are not always the right fit. That’s why Benchmark for Windows retains its familiar and flexible command and text-based look and feel.

Benchmark consists of several programs divided into many flexible routines, some of which are described below. Routines may be selected by either numeric command or via our unique popup menus, providing easy access to Benchmark functions.

Benchmark’s unique, customizable menus allow users to set up the program to accept data and print results in accordance with their own standards. Benchmark will even allow the user to create “batch” files with a word processor for automated processing.

Benchmark Survey Programs & Routines

Boundary Traverse Program
Benchmark Survey provides an automatic balancing feature for closed loop traverses and closed connecting traverses, tying to known starting and ending coordinates. Multiple observations can be entered and averaged, and elevation data can be input at the same time. Distances may be entered in meters or feet and can be adjusted by slope angles and temperature. Legs can be entered as side shots or held constant (so no adjustment is made during balance). Curve options include radius or tangent legs. Upon completion, the system outputs angular error and closure data. Many options are available including:
  • automatic, manual, or no angle balance;
  • compass rule, Crandall’s rule, or no adjustment;
  • list field data, angular, and linear error trials.

Any of these options may be combined as desired. Several trial adjustments can be analyzed before the final output is selected and the final computed coordinate points are output and stored for the traverse.

Benchmark for Windows allows the random numbering of coordinate points to better accommodate field book notes. And traverse legs may be inserted or deleted if input errors are discovered after the original data entry is completed. Input data may be stored for later use.
Boundary Traverse Editing Features
  • Closed Traverses
  • Closed Connecting Traverses
  • Random Traverses
  • Direction Options
    • Bearings
    • Azimuths
    • Deflection Angles
    • Angles from Backsight
  • Multiple Side Shots
  • Observation Averaging
  • Radius Curves
  • Tangent Curves
  • Hold Angle Constant
  • Hold Side Constant
  • Automatic Angle Balance
  • Manual Angle Balance
  • Balance by:
    • Compass Rule
    • Crandall’s Rule
  • Field Data List
  • Angular Error Search
  • Linear Error Search
  • Side Entry Correction
  • Delete Entered Side
  • Insert Omitted Side
  • Elevation Reduction
  • Load Stored Field Data
Extensive Coordinate Geometry
Benchmark Survey provides unmatched flexibility in coordinate geometry. It allows users to access stored coordinates, whether entered manually or previously computed and stored. With Benchmark, you can traverse using bearing, azimuth, or turned angle. Distances can be adjusted for slope angle, temperature, and/or converted from meters to feet. Calculations for side shots and 90-degree offsets are available, and you can inverse or traverse through a curve, solve for all four intersection types, and use the radial stakeout routine to print angle and distance from a set-up point to any other point or group of points.

Benchmark Survey also includes elevation reduction routines, comprehensive point management routines (clearing, moving, and printing), a curve-solving utility, a triangle solver, and automatic area calculation during any traverse/inverse operations.
Coordinate Transformation

Benchmark Survey offers coordinate system transformations and rotations. It enables users to effortlessly convert coordinates from one system to another. The newly computed coordinates can either replace the existing ones or be stored in a new location within the project. Users have the flexibility to define the angle of rotation manually or by inputting two coordinates in each system. Reduction to sea level and scaling are also included, and individual points or groups may be specified.

Design Routines
Benchmark Survey simplifies the process of generating intersection data for various street configurations. Whether it’s two or three straight streets, two curved streets, or a combination of both, our program requires minimal input to provide comprehensive intersection information.

Benchmark also handles calculations effortlessly when dealing with cul-de-sacs, whether they have straight or curved entries, with or without offsets, or are located on corners or sides of streets. Our lot sizing routines enable the design of lots that meet specific criteria, such as minimum square footage and width at set-back. Options for radial lots, parallel lots, area cut-offs, and sliding bearings are included.
Utilities & Compatibility Notes

Utility Programs:

Benchmark Survey offers special routines for curve staking, elevation reduction, and vertical curves.


Benchmark Survey Utilities


Compatibility Notes:

Benchmark Survey can import and export ASCII text files of coordinate data that any other program can read. Benchmark also exports a DXF file that any AutoCAD-friendly application can digest.

Benchmark Survey software FREE Trial

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Benchmark Survey software pricing

Benchmark Survey:
• First seat: $495
• Additional seats: $195

Technical Support

Need help? Please contact us! And check out the Benchmark Survey Full User Manual, the Benchmark Mini Manual, & the videos below.

About Benchmark & AST Survey

History of Benchmark Survey

If you’ve been around long enough, you probably remember Benchmark Survey as a DOS program from the early 1980’s.  We actually tried to ‘sunset’ Benchmark in the early 1990’s but the users were pretty adamant that they wanted to keep using it, and kept pushing for a version that would run on Windows platforms.

We founded AST Survey in 2005 because we finally discovered an economically viable way to make Benchmark work in Windows, and it continues to be a popular COGO software choice for surveyors to this day.

Benchmark is dedicated to the proposition that ‘powerful’ need not equal ‘complicated’ or ‘expensive.’ Benchmark’s mission is to help land surveyors and other AEC professionals get their survey calculation work done faster, better, and more easily and accurately.

A Note from Dusty Smith...

Dusty Smith BenchmarkMost of Benchmark Survey’s users have been with us for a long time – we thank you! If you know other land surveyors who could benefit from Benchmark, please send them to our website. And don’t forget to follow our Facebook page where we post all the latest news and updates.

Thanks again for using Benchmark!

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